Friends and Patrons

Since the first festival in 2000, Wye Valley Chamber Music has grown into 
a year-round cultural presence in the region, bringing world-class chamber music to the Wye Valley. The annual highlights are the Winter Festival, which attracts leading chamber musicians from the UK and Europe, and the Summer Residency for young professional ensembles.

Becoming a Friend, Patron or Sponsor of Wye Valley Chamber Music will give you the opportunity to become more closely involved with this special organisation, to meet the artists, attend rehearsals and help to ensure that we can continue to put on chamber music concerts of the highest quality.

Whether you choose to become a Friend, Patron or Sponsor we promise to:

  • Give you advance notice of all our events in the Wye Valley and elsewhere
  • Give you priority booking for the Wye Valley Chamber Music Festival in February
  • Keep you updated about our activities with a regular newsletter
  • Provide a complimentary Wye Valley Chamber Music Festival programme and acknowledge your support in the programme
  • Invite you to the annual reception for Friends of Wye Valley Chamber Music


Individual: Min. £40 per annum or £3.50 per month
Joint: Min. £70 per annum or £6 per month


Individual: Min. £150 per year or £12.50 per month
Joint: Min. £250 per year or 21 per month

Additional benefit:
• The opportunity to sit in on rehearsals of programmed works at Treowen*

Concert Sponsor

Min. £400 per annum or £35 per month

Additional benefits:

  • The opportunity to choose which Wye Valley Chamber Music Festival concert to sponsor
  • An allocation of 2 free tickets to your chosen concert
  • An invitation for two to join the Festival musicians for lunch or supper 
at Treowen*

Festival Benefactor

Festival Benefactors are our special group of supporters who help secure the future of the festival by committing to a major donation annually for three years or more. If you are interested in becoming a Festival Benefactor, we would be happy to contact you to discuss this further.

Student Sponsor

Student Sponsors provide bursaries for the young musicians attending the Summer Residency, ensuring that we can take the best chamber ensembles regardless of their financial situation. 
The fee for participating in the Summer Residency is £600 per student, but we welcome all levels of sponsorship. For example:

  • £600 will provide one full bursary and make a real difference to a young musician’s professional development
  • £1800 will allow a trio to benefit from first-rate coaching
  • £2400 will give a quartet that all-important first festival experience

Student sponsors will be invited to a reception at Treowen Manor during the Residency to meet the young musicians.

Lower levels of sponsorship – e.g. £150 or £300 – will help students who have difficulty finding the full amount to nevertheless participate in the Residency.

* by arrangement in advance with Wye Valley Chamber Music

Payment methods

Payment can be made annually or monthly by bank transfer or standing order annually or monthly – please contact Rhian for our bank details.

Cheques should be made to Wye Valley Chamber Music and sent to Rhian Hancox, 152 Malyons Road, London, SE13 7XG.

“Some of the most special moments of my musical life have been spent at the Wye Valley Festival. The chance to spend time with great music and wonderful artists in private, and to hear masterpieces performed with such understanding and commitment, is priceless. The enormous amount of work that has gone into making Wye Valley Chamber Music flourish is always repaid with the pleasure and inspiration it gives to others, musicians and audience alike.”

Daniel Tong (Artistic Director)